About Me


Hi I’m Rae … founder of Limitless Women. I am a wife, mother of two boys, and grandmother to one.

I also have a confession to make. I’m not perfect and neither is my life. And though this seems rather obvious to me, it’s a misconception that many seem to have about Life Mentors, Leaders and Coaches.

It has taken me a long time, a lot of soul searching, a ton of work and a fair few mistakes to get this far.


I am a Diploma Qualified Life Empowerment Coach (Mentor) & Certified Women’s Creatrix® Transformologist®, though I feel it is my own life experience that has provided my greatest skills to connect and meet others where they are at.

Being a Coach/Mentor/Leader requires me to dig pretty deep sometimes. Needing to be honest about my struggles. The journey I have taken to get from victim to victor has an incredible amount of insight and value, I can now offer my clients. Talking about the mistakes I have made along the way, and lessons I’ve learned from them, watching the gates of effort open for them, is both an honour and a privilege.

As a Creatrix® Transformologist® you can rest assured that I have been cleared of all my own crap first, before trying to help you clear yours. I believe this is a VERY important element to consider and often overlooked when searching for the right solution to permanently overcome pain.

My Mentoring is natural; empathetic yet firm, authentic yet professional, with the only goal being to get you the outcomes you came to me for.

We see, today, too many self-proclaimed “Coaches and Leaders” who say they have all the answers, and that is simply not true. We can never know everything.

Leadership means showing up and facing the uncertainty with honesty and integrity … every day. For the sake of others and for the sake of my own vision. I show up with conviction and teach what I know works, because I’ve taken those steps myself.

Helping women overcome, sometimes utterly devastating circumstances isn’t for the faint hearted, it’s often very challenging, but also very rewarding. The beauty of Creatrix® is that we don’t need to even talk about your story, as it’s only the core thoughts, feelings and emotions we are working on. You’ve already been through enough, so why drag it out any longer?

I consider myself blessed. If I didn’t find the courage to look back and examine my life with clearer vision and perspective, I would have given up and never discovered my purpose.

“Backgrounds and circumstances may affect who we are. But we are responsible for who we become” 

My Programs and Getaways are designed for women who are seeking greater things in life. More self love and acceptance, more control of their lives, more connection, more understanding, more joy, more success and more abundance. And the ripple effect on those around them is amazing.


My clients are 100% ready to let go of whatever is necessary for them to move confidently forward into a brighter future. Driven by passion and determined to end negative patterns and cycles of abuse. To find more love – for themselves and their loved ones. 

Many people spend years stuck in the same situation, wasting away their life, unsure, unheard and unseen. The cost to them personally, emotionally and financially is substantial. The results that they get by going through my breakthrough programs and applying the lessons – are permanently life changing.

There are two main requirements for success in my programs.
1. You have to want and be willing to make changes.
2. You have to be prepared to invest in yourself.

Both are key to your success.

Do you feel stuck and unhappy with your life? Are you unsure what it is that is holding you back? Book a Clarity Call with me. Together we will find the best solution for you to move forward.

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