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Common Emotions & Beliefs

Below is a list of common emotions and beliefs that Creatrix® can remove or dramatically improve for women. If you tick at least 9 of these ... it may be worthwhile to find out more. Please Contact me 1. Shame 2. Anger 3. Sadness 4. Depressed 5. Anxiety 6. Fear / Scared 7. Guilt 8.… Continue reading Common Emotions & Beliefs

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I’m a Survivor! Jasmine’s Story

I used to see myself as a helpless victim of child sex abuse, but now I see myself as a survivor of it. It started around the time I was eight, and it wasn't until I was fourteen that I got away. For six years I was paralysed by fear and confusion because somebody I… Continue reading I’m a Survivor! Jasmine’s Story

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What Are You Saying to Yourself?! It's not only what you say out loud to other people, but it's also the conversation you have inside your own head. And in fact that's perhaps an even more important conversation to be monitoring. As I'm sure you know, self-talk is EVERYTHING when it comes to how you feel about yourself… Continue reading Self-Talk