What is Creatrix®?

Creatrix® is a powerful closed eye process that works with the female brain, heart, hormone connection and epigenetic history. Taking you to the place in your unconscious mind and body where your AHA moments occur. We then suspend you in time long enough, with the exact right questioning process till you UNhypnotise yourself from your current negative perspective. Epiphanies (Many) are realised stripping away your complete unsupportive programming, even the inherited patterning. This process resets you back to your original design and your cells become peaceful and your intuition ripe again. It releases deep seeded suppression due to past pain, trauma, grief/loss, depression, anxiety, negative thoughts, abundance blocks & limiting beliefs. The best and only permanent solution available for women to achieve life long happiness, fulfillment and success.

IF YOU ARE READY TO RECLAIM YOUR LIFE; then please message me TODAY, tell me about yourself and let’s talk! I have been where you are now and waiting for you to show up, and I am so excited to share this journey and connect with you.

Although I am from Australia, Creatrix® can be done anywhere in the world via Skype or Zoom call.

I am over-the-moon with my own personal transformation and have not looked back since. Anxiety, depression, doubt, worry, feelings of worthlessness, grief/sadness, resentment and money blocks have been removed. Replaced with authenticity, confidence, happiness, tremendous feelings of self-worth, gratitude and love, more focus on what matters and what needs to be done, less procrastination, business success is through the roof and abundance in all areas has naturally followed. This is something EVERYONE deserves and a male version is now available. Contact me if you too would like to feel the unique and powerful affects that true inner freedom can bring to your life